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Joy Brown

Series: Beautiful at Every Age (Tasty Tuesday)

Series: Beautiful at Every Age (Tasty Tuesday)

Juicing is in my Top 3 of Beauty foods/methods. Let me share a quick story: My 1st juicer was a Juiceman Jr. A year or so after that I got the Cadillac of juicers, 'The Breville' & have been exclusively in love with it & using it for over 8 yrs. 


Well currently both of my Breville juicers are in storage allllllllll the way in St. Louis MO. I NEED my juice!! I begged my hubby to just go and grab ANYTHING for me to juice with. He came back shortly after with a new Black & Decker juicer that he had gotten from the Goodwill for $6 (retails for only $30).


I don't think I have ever been as happy to juice in life (albeit cutting the carrots to thumb-sized pieces to fit in that little chute was a pain in the butt! However it was all worth it to see that beautiful orange carrot/apple/ginger concoction oozing out of it. 


Moral of the story: Appreciate all things OR you will be shown how to appreciate ALL things!


Mission Assignment: Get a juicer! It will turn your kitchen into a wellness cafe & your body into a fountain of youth!