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Joy Brown

Perfume Disaster from H.E.L.L

5 min read

I just wanted to share my experience with you as a public WARNING & as a way to release pent up emotional toxins that may have resulted from these excruciating 3 days.


It all started innocently enough as I walked into Sephora to check out their fragrances. Many years ago (Before R3 & intermittent detoxing), I used to exclusively wear Chanel 22 fragrance. It’s been discontinued for awhile now, so every now & then I check to see if it’s back. Keep in mind that since I live a predominantly holistic lifestyle, I am now accustomed to natural fragrances from essential oils that I mix with in my bath, body oils & aromatherapy sessions. But nevertheless I still check on my beloved Chanel 22.


The salesperson walked me over to the Chanel section & encouraged my to try Chanel #5 since they still don’t carry 22. I tried a few sprays & then she gave me a sample to take home to see if I would like it after a few days of wearing it. It didn’t smell as good as 22 to me, but I was curious, so I left with the sample.


That evening my body was tingling in a weird way. The tingling stopped and was replaced by an uncontrollable itch on my arms & legs. When I woke up the next morning these hives were all over my body:

At this point, I still did not associate the itch with the perfume so I put myself on a juice detox & sprayed the Chanel #5 all over my body after my shower that morning. I started testing natural remedies to relieve me of the hives & itching so I tried rubbing aloe vera & apple cider vinegar on it to no avail. Both of those just caused my legs and arms to sting badly. I cancelled all of my appointments for the next few days because in addition to the hives, all of my scratching was causing scratch marks & redness + I felt miserable.


I fell asleep and the next morning i looked in the mirror and saw that the hives were spreading across my face. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never experienced anything like this!  This is a close up of the hives on my face:


I spent the day juicing & resting. As I was trying to sleep that night, the itching & scratching reached it’s peak to where I found it hard to meditate/pray about my healing. All of a sudden at about 3 am I heard a voice tell me to rub banana peel over my body. I got up & unpeeled a banana & started from my feet & with the 1st touch of it, I got instant relief! I literally rubbed that banana peel over every inch of me lol! I went to sleep & slept like a baby.


Upon awakening I looked over my body & saw that ALL of the hives on my body were GONE! Before I could rejoice I noticed that my eyelids felt as if they were extremely heavy & it was hard for me to open my eyes. I ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror & almost passed out at what I saw. My entire face was disfigured, swollen & tingling. I looked like ‘Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong’ or ‘Round 12 with Muhammad Ali (RIP).’ I’m glad that my sense of humor is coming back. Warning: Don’t look while eating!


Anyway at this point I knew that this was an allergic reaction from the Chanel 22. I had recapped all of the foods I ate, perfumes, detergents & any new contacts with with anything & the ONLY thing that was brand new was the fragrance. My husband had already left that morning, so when I sent him this unrecognizable picture of me his exact words were, “You need to juice like crazy today, because if it’s not gone by 6 pm, I’m taking you to the ER.” Well I knew that was NOT an option for me (unless I felt like it was life or death)...and even then I’d probably detox myself 1st & formost. What can I say...I’m pretty much sold at this point.


Anyway I juiced up a storm...everything from carrots to beets to fennel to bok choy to some tasty & some disgusting (let’s just say earthy) juice combos. By 4pm I also drank a Matcha Tea & my face was 90% back to normal. I kept drinking juices & by 6pm my face was completely normal, I had energy through the roof & I greeted my hubby with my pearly whites.

I still can’t believe those unbelievable ‘3-days until I’d risen’ torture, but hopefully this will help people be cautious with harsh fragrances that's disguised as "luxury perfumes." I did some research & found out that Europe has already had 15 million allergic reactions reported from use of Chanel #5 & they have 5 years to reformulate it across the US & abroad. Here is the link to check out 1 of the articles:


Has anyone ever experienced anything like this????








Joy Brown

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Joy Brown

Why Motivational Quotes can make you Depressed

2 min read

I have a Love/H*** relationship with positive quotes. 

I love them because they are Grrrrreeeeeaatt (in my Tony the Tiger voice), but I H*** them because the effects are fleeting. 

If you are dealing with something heavy, it may make you feel good or see things from another perspective for a little bit, but then what?

As great as it is, have you ever achieved your goal or truly had lasting change from the following quote:

So are quotes completely useless or can they serve a purpose in your life?

I think they can if you pull the weeds from your garden and allow them to just be another form of rain sprinkling your newly planted garden.

In other words if you don't permanently release those self-destructive limiting beliefs (the weeds) that say, "I am not good enough" "I always fail" "I am not loved" "I am not special" "I am not beautiful" "I am not complete" you will not allow a positive quote or anything else to penetrate to your subconscious/heart.

Therefore your reality will not change.

So do the necessary task of pulling those weeds out and then you can be motivated to action by: 


Joy Brown

1 out of 4 Women Have Turned Down a Wedding Proposal and....

2 min read

24% later regretted it. What does that have to do with anything? I watched Forest Gump for the very 1st time this week (don't judge me lol) & was shocked when Jenny (his long-time friend & love interest) turned down his wedding proposal. Check it out here:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Jenny had a limiting belief that she was not worthy & felt lots of shame (which is actually worse than guilt). It stemmed from her father sexually abusing her as a child. Symptoms from that strong belief showed up in her life as:

  • Drug use
  • Attracting physically & verbally abusive men into her life
  • Continually landing in dangerous environments
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Attempted suicide

I'm sure there are valid reasons and  times when you should turn down a wedding proposal. However, she had a 'good guy' who deeply loved & cared for her. Forest Gump protected her & displayed great character, leadership & faithfulness. However, she belived that SHE WAS NOT WORTHY OF THAT LOVE. It's almost a sick way of giving yourself what you believe you deserve & sabotaging anything that remotely gives you glimpses of light.


We all have sabotaged a good thing before. The key is to look at areas of your life that continually have the same issue resurfacing over & over again. What are you running from? What area of your life do you kee battling? Could it be deeper than what it appears? Could there be a deeper wound that you're overlooking?


The Emotional Blockage Release is a strategy I use for people who are about to join our 6-week Holistic Body & Mind Challenge. I refuse to just treat symptoms. I refuse to just give someone a good eating plan or a good diet when they have a MASSIVE wound in their Emotional Aura. If this speaks volumes to you go to & Apply. I do the EBR strategy on the qualification call, so even if you don't join the challenge you can capitalize on that release. Just see it as my gift to you for being you.





Joy Brown

My 10-Day Store-Bought Juice Cleanse

4 min read

A client emailed me and challenged me to do an exteded juice detox using only store-bought juices. I obliged because I have always done my cleanses using 95-100% fresh pressed juices, with maybe a few of those as a 'filler'. I consider a filler to be a store-bought juice from the local grocery store or health food store to hold you bcs you just wanted to try something different or give your fingers a break from juicing or left your final juice at the office so grabbed a filler in its place. So using what I call a "filler" juice exclusively on a 10-Day Juice Cleanse was major for me to say the least.


I grabbed juices like the ones pictured from Whole Foods, Walmart & Trader Joes for my cleanse. Each moring I picked 4 for the day with varying colors. Here are the highlights of my experience:

  • These juices DO NOT taste nearly as good as fresh juices. They were decent, but I could tell all of them were bottled except a Beet/Carrot/Orange/Lemon one I had. The worst one I had was unpalatable. Do you know how Bitter Chard/Grapefruit/Lemon are...who thought to mix them?
  • My body sculpt was slower. Example: The sculpt I got from this 10-Day Detox, I could've easily got with a 5-Day fresh Juice Detox.
  • My mental clarity & accuity was just ok compared to what I'm used to on a cleanse.
  • My energy was just ok compared to what I'm used to on a cleanse.
  • The white coating on my tounge (toxic release) was minimal. It is usually completely white, whereas I still saw through to the pink on this cleanse. 
  • On a scale of 1-10, 10 being not hungry at hunger is usually a 10 on a juice detox. On this one it was a 10 for 80% of the time.
  • On the plus side, it was awesome not slicing/juicing/cleaning anything. 
  • It was only about $20/day on this cleanse.

Would I ever do it again? No

Why not? Because the stores use High Pressure Processing to increase the shelf life on these juices. Therefore, when I take a specific period of time to abstain from deliscous meals to purify my body, mind & organs, I want to make it worthwhile. I want to give it the good stuff. I literally don't buy pre-cut vegetables because I know that they are losing prescious enzymes, so why would I want to use juices that have denatured enzymes & lowered nutrients. I look at detox times as a special experience. I wouldn't want to spend my 20th wedding anniversary in a Motel 6 because it will be a special experience that deserves the best. I feel the same about a detox. I am dedicating time to put myself on a physical, mental, emotional & psychological retreat & bygolly it needs to show!!!!


What exactly is fresh juice? Juices derived from a juicer that was made on your own counter, a health food store or bottled up by a company like Blueprint Cleanse & put in front of you to consume within 48 hors or it will go bad.

What was the main thing you missed about fresh juices while on the store-bought juice detox? Variety & nutritionally balanced combinations. I usually put fresh herbs, different greens & a wide array of vegetables in my personally-made juices. I make sure that they are high in the right amounts of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. I also make sure that the recipes for clients ar varied, nutritionally balanced & tasty.


Are you ready for a Pro-Guided Holistic cleanse? Go to & pick a package!

(Pictured: My Day 4 with 3 down & 1 to go)

Joy Brown

Sticks & Stones...LIES...Words Hurt!

4 min read

Have you ever had someone's words penetrate so deeply, swiftly & aggressively through your cells, mind, with a final landing crushing through your heart? I'm sure many of us have at many different times. Let me tell you about when one of those many times happened to me. I used to send out an e-newsletter similar to this one (with my 4 pillars of Food/Fitness/Mindset/Supplements & beauty) for over 12 years now. I'm faster now, but it used to take me an entire day to research, gather, structure, write, add pics/links/credit etc & send it out to my readers. I always enjoy doing it because I love to share what I'm passionate about & what can truly help others.

One day in about 2009 (just minutes before the production crew came to film us for Wife Swap), I opened an email. It was from an old client from St.Louis who I thought highly of because of her life story & determination. Imagine my shock when I found out she was actually writing because of an event I posted in my email & asking if I were going to have any other professionals hosting this event because basically "who do I think I am to host such a powerful event." She went on to tell me that a small group of old clients I had who I also saw as friends didn't really like me & talked about me behind my back & that she's being brave enough to tell me to my face. (Is this high school? Am I being pranked? Where's Ashton Kutcher) She finally went on to say that my newsletters have lots of grammatical & spelling errors. I will never forget reading that email. I remember where I was sitting in my house. I remember what color I had on. Remember guys, when something highly & emotionally charged (positive or negative) happens in your life you remember more details (unless you stuff in your subconscious).

So what did I learn from those harsh words? How did it cause me to change? Well, it caused me to check more closely for proper implementation of their, there, they're...LOL just kidding. It caused me to know that someone's opinion of me does not have to be MY definition of me. It caused me to realize that you can help a million people in amazing ways, but there still may be 100 that decide to focus on your mistake or what you could've done better. I forgive that person because whether intentional or not she hurt my feelings, but I'll hurt myself if I limit myself by staying in a mental jail cell because of  words. This is one of the reasons why "Mindset" is one of my 4 pillars of optimal health. It is not optional, it is foundational. You need it for everything. You need it for every relationship. You need to reverse, retrain & rebuild your mindset from not just your outer world but also for the inner world. Yes, we think 60-80,000 thoughts per/day & most of them are negative, old, recycled thoughts. Take all the people who have ever said anything negative about you over your lifetime & add them up & it would not compare to what you say to yourself. Let's reflect on some of our destructive & toxic mental thoughts over 2015. Kiss them & cast them into the sea. Forgive yourself & others & move into the New Year with Love & Belief in yourself & others.


p.s. The founder & publisher of one of the hottest magazines in Naples Fl happened to be on my email list. I could've done 100 rows of cartwheels the day he emailed me to tell me he that he loved my e-newsletters & they looked professional. Not that I needed the validation, because I do EVERYTHING from the heart & so that fuels my passion...but it didn't hurt either! ;)