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Joy Brown

Why Beautiful?

1 min read

As part of my SUPERCHARGED ritual, I do a practice called GODversations. It is where I ask my GOD-Consciousness AKA Superconsciousness questions.

I ask the questions and write down the answers.

I noticed that at the beginning of MOST of them, God tells me that I’m beautiful.

One day I was sick & tired of him starting off with that and asked, ‘why do you always start off telling me I’m beautiful???? I have specific questions about life to ask you and you’re starting off with something that seems so insignificant...why?

God said, ‘you love going to the beach don’t you?‘

I replied, ‘yes.’

He said, “As many times as you go to the beach, isn’t it interesting that one of the 1st things that you always say when your feet hit the sand is ‘BEAUTIFUL.’

You’re my greatest creation and my 1st reaction to you is ‘BEAUTIFUL!’ 

I was left speechless & satisfied. 


Joy Brown

3-Day R3 Retreats

1 min read


3-Day R3 Retreat Presents Supercharge Your Superhuman

The ONLY Retreat you'll ever need to attend to completely Detox, Debloat & Destress.
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Upcoming R3 Retreats:Jan 4-6 St.Louis MOJan 18-20 Naples


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Joy Brown

You were NOT Designed To know HOW

2 min read

If a blender tried to make toast it will fail.


Many times we fail because we are doing things we we’re not designed to do.


For instance, you were not designed to know HOW something will come to be. You were designed to just know what you want to be...what you want to do & what you want to have.


God and the universe will figure out the HOW & deliver it to you in the most magical way. 


If you force the HOW, what you manifest will be inferior to what you could have gotten OR will not last.


Ask yourself:

Are you trying to figure out HOW to meet the mate of your dreams? Are you swiping right on Tinder (sp?)....slipping into countless dm’s or straining your brain, desperately trying to figure out HOW?


Are you trying to figure out HOW to make more money? Are you Business opportunity hopping....or working at a place for the paycheck only, but not getting any real fulfillment from it?


Are you trying to figure out HOW to get healthy? Are you hopping from Keto to vegan to whole30 hoping you discover HOW to hit your body goals? Do you beat yourself up asking HOW to stay motivated?


You were not designed to figure out how. The more you try, the longer you’ll stay on the hamster wheel and struggle. 


Just focus on what you want and expect it NOW. Wishing, Hoping & HOWing does not bring you want you truly want. You must Demand & Expect. 



You are a designed to be a SuperHuman, with power to manifest fast and without worry. If you are always trying to figure out HOW, you are being a blender trying to make toast and will just end up with crumbs.

Joy Brown

Why You should Turn Your bathroom into Spatox Sundays

2 min read

Sundays are the perfect days to turn your bathroom into a spa!


Our skin= Our largest organ


It actually isn’t pampering to exfoliate, rejuvenate & should be routine care.


When you detox your skin in any way, your enhancing beauty & encouraging health.


So I encourage you to start or continue Sunday SpatoxDays.


Spatox Tools:

🧖🏼‍♀️Classical music or Jazz

🧖🏼‍♀️Flower petals and/or balloons 

🧖🏼‍♀️Cucumber water or lemon water

🧖🏼‍♀️Facial and/or body mask/scrub 

🧖🏼‍♀️Essential oils or candles

🧖🏼‍♀️Natural aromatic soaps/haircare 

🧖🏼‍♀️Body oils or creams 

🧖🏼‍♀️(Optional:Do not disturb sign)


As you can see you will be awakening all of your senses during your spatox.

I’ve been having Spatox Sundays for years and I really look forward to them at the end of the week.

I first started with facials only because I had really problematic skin. I tried everything on the market and saw many dermatologists, but ended up stumbling upon my own solution.

I went from $500 skincare to $5 all-natural skincare. So if you have problems like acne, blemishes, black heads, hyperpigmentation or lines/wrinkles, you may want to check out my 14-Day Skin detox to correct and THEN you can switch over to the above maintenance & full body care. You can check it out here:

Joy Brown

How Dare You Put Down Your Body

2 min read

If someone gave you this diamond, how would you treat it? How would you care for it? How would you regard it? 

This is called the Hope Diamond. It’s one of the most expensive diamonds it the world. It’s 45 Carats and valued at 250 million dollars.

My client was frustrated this morning trying to do a fitness combo and yelled, ‘I’m so uncoordinated!’ 

I stopped her and asked if she would sell her right arm for 1 million dollars.

She replied, ‘no.’

I asked if she would sell her right arm and right leg for 5 million dollars.

She adamantly replied, ‘no!’ 

I said, ‘so you clearly have at least 5 million dollars worth of value attached to you.’

I’m sure I could’ve added more body parts & increased the offer to 1 billion dollars and she would’ve said no.

So if your body is clearly priceless and valued more than a rare and precious diamond, why would you treat it any type of way? Why would you criticize it? Why would you resent it?

If you had the Hope Diamond, you would love it. You would care for it. You would spread highly of it.

Give the same love, attention, respect and honor to your body that’s priceless.

Joy Brown

10 Weightloss Myths You really need to STOP believing

1 min read

10 Weightloss Myths You really need to STOP believing 


1.❌Everything in moderation 

2.❌Gluten-free is key

3.❌All diets are designed to fail

4.❌Cut off fats &/or carbs to lose weight 

5.❌Margarine is better than butter

6.❌Reduce calories & increase cardio

7.❌Yogurt is a Health food

8.❌You can be obese & healthy 

9.❌Diet drinks are good alternatives to sodas

10.❌The biggest meal of the day should be lunchtime

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

Are You Putting Yourself 1st or 50th?

1 min read

If you have a child in ballet/karate, a dog on supplements/organic foods, yet your body fat % is in the overweight/obese range (65% of women are), then you are putting yourself on the bottom of the priority poll!

Your Daily Challenge:

1.) Visit local gym websites

2.) Choose 3 to try out

3.) Commit to one ASAP


Most gyms offer a trial day(s) or Friend Days. Ours is on Wednesdays. This gives you a chance to see if you're a good fit for the program.


Make sure they have a compressive  program that includes eating guidance. It's a bonus if they also have a holistic aspect that includes emotional & mental sabotaging behaviors.


*Note* If you have a high body fat % & have been in your current gym for over 6 months without seeing significant results, RUN & do the above 3!

Joy Brown