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Joy Brown

Perfume Disaster from H.E.L.L

5 min read

I just wanted to share my experience with you as a public WARNING & as a way to release pent up emotional toxins that may have resulted from these excruciating 3 days.


It all started innocently enough as I walked into Sephora to check out their fragrances. Many years ago (Before R3 & intermittent detoxing), I used to exclusively wear Chanel 22 fragrance. It’s been discontinued for awhile now, so every now & then I check to see if it’s back. Keep in mind that since I live a predominantly holistic lifestyle, I am now accustomed to natural fragrances from essential oils that I mix with in my bath, body oils & aromatherapy sessions. But nevertheless I still check on my beloved Chanel 22.


The salesperson walked me over to the Chanel section & encouraged my to try Chanel #5 since they still don’t carry 22. I tried a few sprays & then she gave me a sample to take home to see if I would like it after a few days of wearing it. It didn’t smell as good as 22 to me, but I was curious, so I left with the sample.


That evening my body was tingling in a weird way. The tingling stopped and was replaced by an uncontrollable itch on my arms & legs. When I woke up the next morning these hives were all over my body:

At this point, I still did not associate the itch with the perfume so I put myself on a juice detox & sprayed the Chanel #5 all over my body after my shower that morning. I started testing natural remedies to relieve me of the hives & itching so I tried rubbing aloe vera & apple cider vinegar on it to no avail. Both of those just caused my legs and arms to sting badly. I cancelled all of my appointments for the next few days because in addition to the hives, all of my scratching was causing scratch marks & redness + I felt miserable.


I fell asleep and the next morning i looked in the mirror and saw that the hives were spreading across my face. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never experienced anything like this!  This is a close up of the hives on my face:


I spent the day juicing & resting. As I was trying to sleep that night, the itching & scratching reached it’s peak to where I found it hard to meditate/pray about my healing. All of a sudden at about 3 am I heard a voice tell me to rub banana peel over my body. I got up & unpeeled a banana & started from my feet & with the 1st touch of it, I got instant relief! I literally rubbed that banana peel over every inch of me lol! I went to sleep & slept like a baby.


Upon awakening I looked over my body & saw that ALL of the hives on my body were GONE! Before I could rejoice I noticed that my eyelids felt as if they were extremely heavy & it was hard for me to open my eyes. I ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror & almost passed out at what I saw. My entire face was disfigured, swollen & tingling. I looked like ‘Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong’ or ‘Round 12 with Muhammad Ali (RIP).’ I’m glad that my sense of humor is coming back. Warning: Don’t look while eating!


Anyway at this point I knew that this was an allergic reaction from the Chanel 22. I had recapped all of the foods I ate, perfumes, detergents & any new contacts with with anything & the ONLY thing that was brand new was the fragrance. My husband had already left that morning, so when I sent him this unrecognizable picture of me his exact words were, “You need to juice like crazy today, because if it’s not gone by 6 pm, I’m taking you to the ER.” Well I knew that was NOT an option for me (unless I felt like it was life or death)...and even then I’d probably detox myself 1st & formost. What can I say...I’m pretty much sold at this point.


Anyway I juiced up a storm...everything from carrots to beets to fennel to bok choy to some tasty & some disgusting (let’s just say earthy) juice combos. By 4pm I also drank a Matcha Tea & my face was 90% back to normal. I kept drinking juices & by 6pm my face was completely normal, I had energy through the roof & I greeted my hubby with my pearly whites.

I still can’t believe those unbelievable ‘3-days until I’d risen’ torture, but hopefully this will help people be cautious with harsh fragrances that's disguised as "luxury perfumes." I did some research & found out that Europe has already had 15 million allergic reactions reported from use of Chanel #5 & they have 5 years to reformulate it across the US & abroad. Here is the link to check out 1 of the articles:


Has anyone ever experienced anything like this????








Joy Brown

Why Motivational Quotes can make you Depressed

2 min read

I have a Love/H*** relationship with positive quotes. 

I love them because they are Grrrrreeeeeaatt (in my Tony the Tiger voice), but I H*** them because the effects are fleeting. 

If you are dealing with something heavy, it may make you feel good or see things from another perspective for a little bit, but then what?

As great as it is, have you ever achieved your goal or truly had lasting change from the following quote:

So are quotes completely useless or can they serve a purpose in your life?

I think they can if you pull the weeds from your garden and allow them to just be another form of rain sprinkling your newly planted garden.

In other words if you don't permanently release those self-destructive limiting beliefs (the weeds) that say, "I am not good enough" "I always fail" "I am not loved" "I am not special" "I am not beautiful" "I am not complete" you will not allow a positive quote or anything else to penetrate to your subconscious/heart.

Therefore your reality will not change.

So do the necessary task of pulling those weeds out and then you can be motivated to action by: 


Joy Brown

Day 5 of my 7 Day Water Cleanse

9 min read

I have not done a Water Cleanse in about 10yrs! I remember it like yesterday because I failed miserably. The hubs & I were inspired to do it for an all church fasting inspired by Jenetzen Franklin after watching one of his broadcasts & after being on it for just 2 or 3 days we quit & ordered chinese (COMPLETELY NOT RECOMMENDED LOL)!!! 

Fastforward & now it's hard for me to believe that I am huge holistic health proponent that SWEARS by the power of a cleanse/detox for weightloss, toning, hormonal reset, mental clarity, cravings controller, cardiovascular functioning, elimination regulation, metabolism refresher, blood sugar level balancer, disease healer, emotional releaser, sexual enhancer, energy increaser and on and on and on.....


Who Is A Detox For: Any adult who is not pregnant or nursing. Some would say that a detox is NOT for people with certain medical conditions, however I find it interesting that those same people who are ruled out, have cured themselves using this ancient-old practice. Although I believe everyone should detox, I know that there are a few who should not & should get medical approval. A good example is if someone is getting chemo, it would not be productive to cleanse because as you're putting healing & concentrated cancer-fighting nutrients into your body, the toxic poison of the chemo will be increasing the free radicals in your body. 


Is a Detox Just For People Who Want To Lose Weight: NO! It is the perfect body balancer...meaning if someone is underweight it can help them to get at a healthy weight. It will help someone who is at their desired weight maintain that weight. The bigger someone is the more they will lose. The average person loses about 1-3 pounds/day on a detox. I've seen clients who were morbidly obese lose about 5-6 pounds/day. The body is smart & very intuitive. It actually even releases the fat where you store it the most and the dangerous stored fat around your organs 1st before it starts releasing from the rest of your body. You actually lose mostly stored fat and a small amount of water weight.


Don't You Gain It Back Once You Start Eating Again: Many people do because they don't break the fast properly. You are supposed to start refeeding your body again gradually. For fasts more than 3 days, you are supposed to start back with fresh juices, fruits, smoothies and salads as your digestion system gets used to digesting again (Remember it's been given a much needed break & has been resting & rebuilding).


How Often Should You Do A Detox: My favorite question;) I am a fan of (IF) Intermittent Fasting...If you grab a few books on IF, read some reviews & then try it yourself, you will be HOOKED! Intermittent fasting or Intermittent Detoxing is where you do a detox regularly. You will intuitively find a rhythm that you like & that makes you feel & look good. I started out doing a 3-Day Detox at the beginning of every month & stuck with that for a couple of years. I then read that Jack Lalanne did a 24 hour juice detox once/wk & I tried that pattern & really loved it (most people prefer Mondays). Now I do 24-hour detox once/week. A seasonal short detox (3-7 days) 4X/yr and an extended detox (8-30 days twice/yr) usually my birthday month (August) & (January). I also recommend doing a 1-7 day cleanse if you have a BIG decision to make. You will get inner resolution that goes beyond paying a top psychotherapist & you wil Know that it feels right to move ahead without any doubt. Sooooo to answer your question do a detox at least 4x/yr.


Joy, What Hooked you on Detoxing: I used to be completely addicted to sugar. The last straw for me was when I polished off a box of Krispy Kremes in a day like it was nothing. Eating all that sugar didn't cause me to gain 200lbs, but I had every single symptom of hypoglycemia & I knew from working in the medical field that it would only be a matter of time before I had full blown diabetes because of my fork! (Actually beause of my fingers, because most of the sweets I overindulged in didn't require a fork.) I did lots of research, (this was before my book, R3 Diet) & ended up doing a 30-day Raw Detox. It totally changed my taste buds...changed my cravings...changed my body....changed my life! We started having our fitness clients start with the 30-Day Raw Detox & I still get goosebumps when I think of all the amazing stories we've heard over the years from them. I have file cabinets, email files & cards to prove it because I alway want to be able to cherish those stories.


Why Do You Think Most People Don't Detox: People fear what they are not familiar with. Most people's fridge & pantry looks similar to their parents or grandparents. They purchase food & eat out of habit & cravings. They think it's a hard process to change their eating habits. They think that it's a form of deprivation. They don't know it's natural & what our bodies desperately desire. I didn't know back when I was plowing down donuts & cookies that a big plate (not a snack) of colorful, fibrous fruit would rectify that sweet tooth & keep my elimination system smooth. I used to have bowel movements every two weeks back in the day. The bottom line is food & drug industries are about dollars and cents. They have NO benefit in sharing this simple yet powerful technique to the masses. They want to keep you addicted & continuously add more and more chemicals to foods and snacks to see to it that they do. When you start detoxing as a way of life, you will be sold the same way that you are sold on gravity. It does start off difficult, but by your 3rd or 4th detox, you'll feel like a pro. Keep in mind that the first 3 days are always uncomfortable, but not unbearable.


Does This Mean You Can Never Have A Donut Again: NO! In my book R3 Diet which is a Lifestyle Eating Plan, it allows people to have "anything" meals on weekends (Fri-Sat). My research showed me that the feeling of deprivation was the #1 reason most diets fail. They tell people to NEVER eat pasta or NEVER eat ice-cream & so people have to use will-power just to try and hold on. Snacks/Desserts have their place. We used to consume them as treats because it used to cost more time & money for your parents & grandparents to purchase them and make a delicious pie or cake. Now they are easy to grab from vending machines, gas stations, stores & drive-thrus. The average american went from consuming a 5lb bag of sugar per year/per person at the turn of the century to now consuming an 150 lb bag of sugar per/person. So don't tell me we don't need to detox.


What Made You Do A Water Cleanse: This was completely unplanned & intuitive. It was Thanksgiving this year & I just felt the urge to do a 7-Day Water Cleanse starting the next day. During a detox you become sensitive to cold & your body is always cold, so I'm using only very warm water. I feel very grounded. My main symptom was a headach & bad breath which are normal during a detox as the toxins release. I am getting great ideas & creative inspirations. I will post the details of this and all of my personal detoxes on my app. Email me if you want to be invited on.


Why is Mindset Such A Big Part of The Detox: It would be a wasted opportunity to detox the body with an amazing cleanse & leave out mindset. Blocked emotions & unresolved past traumatic experiences come up naturally during a physical cleanse & if you don't add the mental element, then you will want to quit under pressure. However they come up to be dealt with once and for all. We just guide you through the process, so that you can understand those emotions and replace them with new healthy beliefs. We also know that those old blockages are the true problem that's causing you to sabotage your health, body, mindset, perspective & relationships. Therefore as you transform your physical body through powerfully concentrated nutrients & enzymes, we're going to also reverse and rebuild your emotions, limited beliefs & toxic thoughts and habits to create a true mental transformation as well. 


What Shocks You About The IF Lifestyle: I guess the biggest thing that blows me away is that I've only been to the hospital to have babies. I rarely if ever get sick. My energy & mood is always lifted. I have a desire to live on purpose & at my best. I want others to experience their best. I will shout this stuff from rooftops so that people will get a taste of this. It is the answer to so many woes. It is transforming in every way & reaches mind, body & soul.

Which Detoxes Do You Recommend:


Over the past decade I usually do and recommend the following:

  • 30-Day Raw Detox
  • 7-Day Juice Detox
  • 10-Day Purium Detox
  • 10-Day Master Cleanse

In addition to my Custom Crafted Cleanses:

  • R3 Mono Detox
  • Triple S Detox
  • 30-Day R3 Method Detox

To grab my book R3 Diet as a resource during or after the clease go here: R3 Diet