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Joy Brown

Detox Your Face

4 min read

My Routine is as Simple as 1..2..3


I've had problematic skin for years. It's no surprise that when my eating was poor,my skin reflected that. I frequently would get pimples that once popped turned into black spots that stayed on for months.I kept my face covered in foundation to hide the flaws, which in turn clogged my pores & made it worse.

I went through 3 phases to clear my skin (None of which worked).

Phase 1: Using over-the-counter creams which promised to make me beautiful (ie.Noxema,Neutrogena, Almay, Proactive & the like to no avail).They dried out my skin & made it worse.
Phase 2: I went to a Dermatologist for regular treatments & used prescribed creams (This phase was crazy because I was paying alot more & my skin's condition was getting alot worse.)

Phase 3: I started using a $500 product line called,'Obagi' that had high amounts of hydroquinone & other dangerous carcinogens in it. Not to mention, if you stopped using it, your problematic skin returned. 


I LOVE my skin!!! I can NOT believe that MOST days I don't wear foundation because of Florida's humidity & that I actually CAN! My routine is simple yet highly effective. It keeps my skin feeling & looking clear & youthful with very few products. I've also heard rave reviews from peeps that I've shared it with over the years. I've been using this simple 3 Step Routine for over 10 years now & it's never failed me. Here's my routine->

Step 1: (DAILY) Rub Sweet Almond Oil on face & let sit for a minute.

Step 2: Take a warm/steamed washcloth & hold against your face for a minute.

Step 3: Gently wipe oil of with washcloth. 

*I usually do this regimen at night, so I'll also add a little more oil when I'm done to absorb into my skin while I sleep (when skin is regenerating). In the morning, you just splash water on your face & Wallah!

***BONUS*** (Weekly) Facial Spa Day: Give yourself an all natural facial on Sundays. I'll give a few examples below.



Honey Banana Mask

The Vit C & other antioxidants present in bananas & their peels help increase circulation in the skin & boost collagen production. 
It's one of the best natural anti-aging masks for reducing eye, neck & forehead wrinkles. It helps to rejuvenate your skin & makes it soft naturally.

The honey is naturally antibacterial, so it's great for acne treatment & prevention. It regulates your skin's pH & acts as a natural humectant & emollient, that increase the water content & reduces dryness in the skin even after it's been washed off.

How To: 

  • Mix & Mash
  • Apply & leave on for 10-15 min
  • Wash off



*Tip* Be sure to use ripened bananas.


Bentonite Clay Mask
Clay unclogs the skin's pores & shrinks them. It draws out the toxins from the skin & removes dead skin cells. The clay also evens out your skin tone.

Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

Finally, it gives your skin a glow that is noticeable immediately.
How To:

  • Mix with water
  • Apply & leave on until completely dry
  • Gently exfoliate off with fingers
  • Rinse face with water & rub remaining mask of with washcloth


Is It Time For A Detox?

New Month=New Detox

This Month's Detox was The TestorGone Detox & next month will be the be the 8 Pounds in 8 Days Detox! Each detox is customized to give you the maximum amount of syngistically-balanced nutrients, the maximum amount of fat-burn & the minimal amount of work. Once you're apart of the club, you'll also have full access to all past detox plans too. I look forward to being your detox coach...let's do it BABBBYYY!!!!

Click To Join The R3 Detox Club

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

Are You Putting Yourself 1st or 50th?

1 min read

If you have a child in ballet/karate, a dog on supplements/organic foods, yet your body fat % is in the overweight/obese range (65% of women are), then you are putting yourself on the bottom of the priority poll!

Your Daily Challenge:

1.) Visit local gym websites

2.) Choose 3 to try out

3.) Commit to one ASAP


Most gyms offer a trial day(s) or Friend Days. Ours is on Wednesdays. This gives you a chance to see if you're a good fit for the program.


Make sure they have a compressive  program that includes eating guidance. It's a bonus if they also have a holistic aspect that includes emotional & mental sabotaging behaviors.


*Note* If you have a high body fat % & have been in your current gym for over 6 months without seeing significant results, RUN & do the above 3!

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

The Top 8 Mental Health Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

1 min read

You have to run (not walk) to Barnes & Noble to grab an adult coloring book. They are normally $15 & are now on sale for $5. I have recommended them to clients as coloring therapy for awhile, but for some reason they are flying off shelves like hotcakes now. It is also great for teens too. Here are the Top 8 ways it can enhance your life:
1.Reduces Stress
2.Sparks Creativity
3.Enhances Focus
4.Alternative to Meditation
5.Helps Rediscover Self
6.Reconnects with Inner Child
7.Gives eyes a break from screens
8.Has Therapeutic Value

Joy Brown

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Joy Brown

The Main Reason Your Marriage is Boring & 4 Ways To Spark it

Joy Brown

Stressed & Depressed at Work

Joy Brown

Perfume Disaster from H.E.L.L

5 min read

I just wanted to share my experience with you as a public WARNING & as a way to release pent up emotional toxins that may have resulted from these excruciating 3 days.


It all started innocently enough as I walked into Sephora to check out their fragrances. Many years ago (Before R3 & intermittent detoxing), I used to exclusively wear Chanel 22 fragrance. It’s been discontinued for awhile now, so every now & then I check to see if it’s back. Keep in mind that since I live a predominantly holistic lifestyle, I am now accustomed to natural fragrances from essential oils that I mix with in my bath, body oils & aromatherapy sessions. But nevertheless I still check on my beloved Chanel 22.


The salesperson walked me over to the Chanel section & encouraged my to try Chanel #5 since they still don’t carry 22. I tried a few sprays & then she gave me a sample to take home to see if I would like it after a few days of wearing it. It didn’t smell as good as 22 to me, but I was curious, so I left with the sample.


That evening my body was tingling in a weird way. The tingling stopped and was replaced by an uncontrollable itch on my arms & legs. When I woke up the next morning these hives were all over my body:

At this point, I still did not associate the itch with the perfume so I put myself on a juice detox & sprayed the Chanel #5 all over my body after my shower that morning. I started testing natural remedies to relieve me of the hives & itching so I tried rubbing aloe vera & apple cider vinegar on it to no avail. Both of those just caused my legs and arms to sting badly. I cancelled all of my appointments for the next few days because in addition to the hives, all of my scratching was causing scratch marks & redness + I felt miserable.


I fell asleep and the next morning i looked in the mirror and saw that the hives were spreading across my face. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never experienced anything like this!  This is a close up of the hives on my face:


I spent the day juicing & resting. As I was trying to sleep that night, the itching & scratching reached it’s peak to where I found it hard to meditate/pray about my healing. All of a sudden at about 3 am I heard a voice tell me to rub banana peel over my body. I got up & unpeeled a banana & started from my feet & with the 1st touch of it, I got instant relief! I literally rubbed that banana peel over every inch of me lol! I went to sleep & slept like a baby.


Upon awakening I looked over my body & saw that ALL of the hives on my body were GONE! Before I could rejoice I noticed that my eyelids felt as if they were extremely heavy & it was hard for me to open my eyes. I ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror & almost passed out at what I saw. My entire face was disfigured, swollen & tingling. I looked like ‘Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong’ or ‘Round 12 with Muhammad Ali (RIP).’ I’m glad that my sense of humor is coming back. Warning: Don’t look while eating!


Anyway at this point I knew that this was an allergic reaction from the Chanel 22. I had recapped all of the foods I ate, perfumes, detergents & any new contacts with with anything & the ONLY thing that was brand new was the fragrance. My husband had already left that morning, so when I sent him this unrecognizable picture of me his exact words were, “You need to juice like crazy today, because if it’s not gone by 6 pm, I’m taking you to the ER.” Well I knew that was NOT an option for me (unless I felt like it was life or death)...and even then I’d probably detox myself 1st & formost. What can I say...I’m pretty much sold at this point.


Anyway I juiced up a storm...everything from carrots to beets to fennel to bok choy to some tasty & some disgusting (let’s just say earthy) juice combos. By 4pm I also drank a Matcha Tea & my face was 90% back to normal. I kept drinking juices & by 6pm my face was completely normal, I had energy through the roof & I greeted my hubby with my pearly whites.

I still can’t believe those unbelievable ‘3-days until I’d risen’ torture, but hopefully this will help people be cautious with harsh fragrances that's disguised as "luxury perfumes." I did some research & found out that Europe has already had 15 million allergic reactions reported from use of Chanel #5 & they have 5 years to reformulate it across the US & abroad. Here is the link to check out 1 of the articles:


Has anyone ever experienced anything like this????