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Joy Brown

How Dare You Put Down Your Body

2 min read

If someone gave you this diamond, how would you treat it? How would you care for it? How would you regard it? 

This is called the Hope Diamond. It’s one of the most expensive diamonds it the world. It’s 45 Carats and valued at 250 million dollars.

My client was frustrated this morning trying to do a fitness combo and yelled, ‘I’m so uncoordinated!’ 

I stopped her and asked if she would sell her right arm for 1 million dollars.

She replied, ‘no.’

I asked if she would sell her right arm and right leg for 5 million dollars.

She adamantly replied, ‘no!’ 

I said, ‘so you clearly have at least 5 million dollars worth of value attached to you.’

I’m sure I could’ve added more body parts & increased the offer to 1 billion dollars and she would’ve said no.

So if your body is clearly priceless and valued more than a rare and precious diamond, why would you treat it any type of way? Why would you criticize it? Why would you resent it?

If you had the Hope Diamond, you would love it. You would care for it. You would spread highly of it.

Give the same love, attention, respect and honor to your body that’s priceless.

Joy Brown

10 Weightloss Myths You really need to STOP believing

1 min read

10 Weightloss Myths You really need to STOP believing 


1.❌Everything in moderation 

2.❌Gluten-free is key

3.❌All diets are designed to fail

4.❌Cut off fats &/or carbs to lose weight 

5.❌Margarine is better than butter

6.❌Reduce calories & increase cardio

7.❌Yogurt is a Health food

8.❌You can be obese & healthy 

9.❌Diet drinks are good alternatives to sodas

10.❌The biggest meal of the day should be lunchtime

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

Are You Putting Yourself 1st or 50th?

1 min read

If you have a child in ballet/karate, a dog on supplements/organic foods, yet your body fat % is in the overweight/obese range (65% of women are), then you are putting yourself on the bottom of the priority poll!

Your Daily Challenge:

1.) Visit local gym websites

2.) Choose 3 to try out

3.) Commit to one ASAP


Most gyms offer a trial day(s) or Friend Days. Ours is on Wednesdays. This gives you a chance to see if you're a good fit for the program.


Make sure they have a compressive  program that includes eating guidance. It's a bonus if they also have a holistic aspect that includes emotional & mental sabotaging behaviors.


*Note* If you have a high body fat % & have been in your current gym for over 6 months without seeing significant results, RUN & do the above 3!

Joy Brown

Joy Brown

The Top 8 Mental Health Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

1 min read

You have to run (not walk) to Barnes & Noble to grab an adult coloring book. They are normally $15 & are now on sale for $5. I have recommended them to clients as coloring therapy for awhile, but for some reason they are flying off shelves like hotcakes now. It is also great for teens too. Here are the Top 8 ways it can enhance your life:
1.Reduces Stress
2.Sparks Creativity
3.Enhances Focus
4.Alternative to Meditation
5.Helps Rediscover Self
6.Reconnects with Inner Child
7.Gives eyes a break from screens
8.Has Therapeutic Value

Joy Brown

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